Huub Teesing an Introduction

Huub TeesingIn November 2006, Mr. Huub Teesing, supervising head of the Teesing Group, appropriated the “Ondernemersprijs Haaglanden” Award. Mr. Teesing, child of the author of the association, has been executive of the association since 1976. Under his supervision the association developed extensively, with girl-associations in the USA and China. Around others they are heading in the field of elective power, for example characteristic gas vehicles. They supply the greater part of the towering force parts for the car business in China and Thailand.

This is a short prologue to the life and accomplishments of Huub Teesing.

Huub Teesing was born in Voorburg. After Highschool he mulled over at the Nijenrode University(BDA) in Breukelen. After Nijenrode he contemplated Mechanics and Productiontechnics at the Technical Highschool in The Hague. In 1973 he joined Teesing BV in Rijswijk. Since 1976 he has been the administering head of the Teesing aggregation of associations, until November 1, 2009. Till April 2011 he was the major shareholder. The Management Buy-Out occurred in two stages by staff parts of the association. Accordingly progression is guaranteed. Moreover the mandating work as supervising executive of the Teesing Group, Huub Teesing has moreover been the president of the nearby industries/interests club for 8 years. Besides he has been the president of the Foundation for Parkmanagement (SPB), possessor of a huge tenniscentre in The Hague, for more than 6 years. In this method he was answerable for every last one of the the ventures in one of the greatest tennisclubs of the Netherlands.

For 4 years Huub supervised the top volleyball (Ladies and Gents) – groups of Inter Rijswijk, playing in the B-League (1st division of the Netherlands).

To close, Huub, has likewise been extremely engaged in the political enclosure, both nearby and national. He was part of the Advisoryboard of the Liberal Party for 6 years.

Water as an asset is the most essential and central segment of life. Just less than 1% of the Earth’s water is new water open for utilization. Thinking about the pain of expanding water utilize as a part of different regions of the planet, numerous scientists, such as Mr. Huub Teesing from Niroy International BV, are researching wastewater medication and re-utilization. At the same time that won’t be enough: saltwater ought to be desalinated to manage the expanding need for brand new water utilized for drinking purposes and watering systems. There are various desalinization routines incorporating refining, turn around osmosis, eutectic stop crystallization, capacitive deionization and sun powered dew. Desalinization as per Huub Teesing, could be extremely prudent when the vigor expense are flat. Absolutely sun based dew, eutectic crystallization and capacitive deionization can relinquish the accepted force utilization.

On a modest scale, the expense situation might be thought about comprehended, on a greater scale expenses are still too towering, in light of the fact that its still under examination and insufficiency is still a colossal issue. Associates in Holland work difficult to find results for this universal challenge.

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